Riverview Place Engagement

Hello All!

The Cuplomats are back to share some very exciting updates! Since the Studio Crawl engagement opportunity Michael has been having participate in the project by filling out questionnaires all around the country as he visits different programs and institutions. These thought and opinions have really added a national element to the project and broadened its reach which is wonderful!

On December 2nd I had the pleasure of visiting Riverview Place, a retirement community in Fargo, ND, and collecting the thoughts and opinions of the residents there. This was such an amazing experience and some of the thoughts I encountered were wonderfully surprising. The residents loved to share their pasts and how they feel about the current government and how it is working.

Many of the residents explained just how powerful they think this project is and what they have learned about facilitating compromise throughout their lives. I have to say their ideas were some of the most influential and compelling yet! Below is a photo of the amazing residents completing the questionnaire.


I also had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful Pastor who is loved by everyone at Riverview and around Fargo for his enthusiasm and passion. He took me under his wing and helped encourage the residents to participate and share their true feelings. This wonderful man is pictured below helping encourage participation. Michael and I are looking forward to having the Pastor be a continued part of the project as a Cuplomat himself. We are always so pleased to have people take to the project so strongly and allow us to have them join our team. Everyone is valuable to this project!


Keep checking in with the project as we continue to engage with different parts of the community in the coming weeks and share the experience with you.


Sarina Sandstrom



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