Slip Casting in Progress

Slip Casting is underway. A big Thanks goes out to Kimberlee Joy Roth for helping us out with our slip issues and sharing her recipe. Now that those issues have been resolved, casting is smoothly on its way.

Cuplomacy Cups 15 05 08_01

Pouring slip into the mold.

Cuplomacy Cups 15 05 08_02

Slip setting up in the mold before pouring the slip out.

Cuplomacy Cups 15 05 08_03

The slip has set

Cuplomacy Cups 15 05 08_04

The molds are ready to open. Next step adding handles.

Cups drying getting ready for our first bisque.

Cuplomacy Cups 15 05 08_06

Gotta love math! It works. The white cup is the original 3D print to test scale and form. The black cup is the scaled up print to allow for clay shrinkage. The off white one is the slip cast cup fired to cone 10. It shrank and matches our original white 3D print!

Cuplomacy Cups 15 04 05_03

You really got to love math when they multiple this fast!

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