Cuplomacy Cup Production

Hello Cuplomats,

We are making fast work of experimental production to find the best ways to produce the final cups for delivery to Washington D.C.  Today I am including images of production I have been working on for both the Republican and Democrat cups and some explanation of the images and my process.  We hope you enjoy some insight into our creative world.

– Helen Otterson, Ceramist and Cuplomacy Design and Production

Democratic Cup:

Sanding prints

The 3D prints were delivered. While the prints are high quality, they require a little sanding to smooth out the ridges.

DEM 02

Casting begins! I decided to start the cast at the base, so I turned the cup upside down, covered it in clay, allowing only the base to show, and poured the first part of the mold.

DEM 03.0

The first piece has set. I flipped the cup upright and remove the clay, revealing the cup.

DEM 11 

 DEM 12

DEM 13

Multi part mold in process.

DEM 16

The finished mold with the 3D printed cup.

DEM finished

Here are the stages of design. The white cup was our first print to verify size and form. The black cup is the finalized form scaled up 12% to allow for shrinkage of the clay. Due to the twist in the cup the mold ended up being an 8 part mold.

Republican Cup:

REP 88

Beginning the cast for the Republican cup, starting at the base.

REP 89

 The sides are clayed up leaving a 1/3 of the side revealed for pouring the first side of the cup.

REP 91

Post pour and clean up of the first side of the mold.

REP 93

Getting ready to pour the second side of the mold

REP 94

REP 95

Ready to pour the last side.

REP 102

The finished mold with the 3D print.

REP finished 1

The white cup is the scaled prototype. The black cup (next to the final mold) is the prototype scale up 12% to allow for the clay shrinkage.  This mold proved to be much easier due to the clean vertical lines of the cup, no undercuts to worry about.


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