Classroom Engagement

Hello All!

Once again the Cuplomats are out on the town gathering opinions from people around the Fargo-Moorhead area. The next few weeks we will be working on visiting classrooms at North Dakota State University to encourage college students to participate in the project and share their ideas.

I set out visiting a few American Government classes in the past few days and have had some pretty fantastic support from the students there. Many of these students are interested in the project and we have even had some students show interest in helping out with Cuplomacy as a Cuplomat!

Pictured below is a photo of some students sharing their ideas on the questionnaires. Many of the students provided valuable feedback that Michael and I have reviewed and found incredibly interesting. It is great having young Americans participate in the project and many of them have shown their support for the idea of human interaction and change.



We hope to have many more classrooms participate in the future from throughout the University in a variety of classes and fields. Maybe we will be stopping in your classroom next!


-Sarina Sandstrom


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