3D Printing Master Cups and Handles



Today we started printing the final master cups for molding. We are working with  Dr. Bashir khoda, Assistant Professor in the Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Dept. and his team of PhD students. They have a couple different 3D printing machines but we decided to use their Dimension because we felt it would give us the best result for the master prints.

Cuplomacy Cups 15 03 12_1

Before printing all the cups and handles we did a single test print which can be seen below. We think it will take some sanding and refinement during the molding process but it should give us a good result.

Cuplomacy Cups 15 03 10_1

We also needed to work through some file translation problems but with the combined effort of Dr. Bashir, his team, and myself we were able to make sure our digital files were print ready. Now to let the 3D printer do its work.


– Peter Atwood

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